SUMMER SCHOOL was launched in 2009, with service locations throughout Taiwan.

From volunteering at schools in rural areas, helping with reconstruction after natural disasters, to experiencing different aspects of culture and environment, youths are led to expand their horizons and learn how to put words into actions by serving others.

Our expectation is that more youths are able to take the first step into making their dreams comes true.

雲林 | Be a TELLER 話說氣候變遷-En

一個會說話的人不只是隨便說說而已,在說的背後應該有對議題的觀察與思考。學員探討臺灣氣候、能源和金錢的關係,努力成為一個好的 TELLER ,讓更多人了解氣候變遷 feat. 350 Taiwan