Yuanli (Evolving Cultural Preservation)

In an advanced society, we should link traditions with new technologies and come up with more ways to preserve them.
We went to Yuanli in Miaoli to learn about rush weaving from the Sunnyrush team and the local women, and then formalized the weaving method in the hope of permanently preserving this craft.
feat. Bank of Culture

Taipei (Evolving Educational Innovation)

We made City Wanderer as our model and led the participants to think about the process of educational innovation from scratch while examining the structure and problems faced by education innovators, to give the participants a chance to take the next step in the future.
feat. City Wanderer

Yuanli (Evolving Agricultural Revival)

Rural areas have been known to be backward and underdeveloped for a very long time.
In recent years, however, many young people decided to return to their home villages and preserve the beauty of the countryside in innovative ways.
Let’s follow these young people to experience a week of rural life and help promote local markets.
feat. Yuanli Hi Home.

Taipei (Living with the Disadvantaged)

The three-day adventure included daytime workshops with innovators to think about different alternatives related to this topic and night life with our homeless mentors to experience what life would be without a home.
feat. Do You a Flavor

Taipei (Evolving Community Ties)

We are full of romantic ideas when it comes to local communities, but rarely are we courageous enough to delve into them and have a conversation with locals.
This time, we decided to take our first step toward connecting them; it was risky but totally worth it.
feat. Rolling in Life

Taipei (Promoting Aesthetic Education)

This was a campus transformation project, and an adventure with limited time to complete too.
We spent three weeks putting forward different proposals for aesthetic renovation on slide shows for teaching, classroom decoration and the campus environment.
feat. aestheticell

Sanxia (Evolving Mountain Protection)

Two teams of mountain-lovers and a group of fervent students travelled to Wuliaojian Mountain in Sanxia for an adventure.
However, the goal this time was not to reach the summit, but to clean the mountain itself.
feat. Mountain Guardians

<b lang="en">2018</b> Iceland Cross-country Polar Skiing

For this challenge, you would need 15% physique, 5% energy, and a whopping 80% mentality.
In Iceland, it was all white as far as the eye could see, and in order to achieve this dream, you would need more courage and willpower than imaginable.

<b lang="en">2015</b> Kayak: Challenging Mysteries Eastern Taiwan

Invited to dream big and brave the open waters together, the six youths were carefully selected and then went through a series of drills to finally set off on a trip in kayaks from Beibin in Hualian to one of the coolest islets in the world. This challenge spanned the course of five days and a distance of nearly 200 km!