A Foundation Listening
Closely to the Youth’s Dreams

The youth are the kick starters of all dreams, and even more so the driving force dictating our future. However, in this era of extreme and outstanding change, success does not adhere to a strict formula. There are no fixed routes to one’s dream, and so we must focus our efforts on the youth. Faced with even more difficult challenges every day, they require courage and imagination to navigate them; only then will they be able to outline their own blueprints.

Inspiring Youth to Break
Through their Comfort Zones


Albert Liu

Chairman of Gamania Group
Founder of Gamania Cheer Up Foundation



Director of Gamania Brand Center
Chief Executive of Gamania Cheer Up Foundation

The most youthful CSR in history

Gamania is an aggregate of dreams: the dreams of the Founder Albert, Gamanian and the masses are at the point of convergence. After being established for more than ten years, Gamania has received constant support and help from the outside world. We started reflecting on this, wishing to have even more concentrated resources and organizational investments – in order to fulfill our “Corporate Social Responsibilities”. Therefore, on January 4th, 2008, Gamania officially launched the “Gamania Cheer Up Foundation”.

Service Objective and Content

Inspiring 18-24year-old youth to find the courage to break through their comfort zones and chase their dreams!

The Foundation’s Core ‧ The DNA of a Dream


Defying Difficulty, Pushing Limits



Nurturing Application, Don’t let Big 

Dreams become Daydreams


Make every Dream’s Voice Heard, 

Inspiring even more Dreamers